Fresh Air

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At Crystal, we specialize in crafting bespoke Treated Fresh Air units known for their world-class quality, meticulously tailored to meet the unique specifications of each project. Our unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality and reliability is the cornerstone of our mission.

Treated Fresh Air, a crucial component of airflow management, is defined by its purpose: to introduce fresh outdoor air into a space for ventilation. Our Treated Fresh Air Units are designed with modular construction, offering the flexibility to add modules for heating, cooling, humidification, high-efficiency particulate filters, gas phase filters, sound attenuation, mixing, and more, ensuring they cater to your specific requirements.

What sets our units apart is our commitment to quality and precision. We manufacture them in an ISO-certified, state-of-the-art, fully vertically integrated facility, equipped with world-class machinery. This guarantees that our Treated Fresh Air Units not only meet but exceed industry standards, delivering optimal performance and reliability for your projects. Crystal Treated Fresh Air Units that provide exceptional ventilation solutions, flexibility, and the assurance of world-class quality and reliability at every turn.

-For Fresh Air

1. Coiling Type
2. Floor Mounted

Applications: Hospital, Hotel, Colleges and many other uses

-For Fresh Air

1. Highly suitable for fresh air
2. Specially designed for pharmaceutical
3. Available with pre-filters

Options: Cowl, Fine Filters, Hepa Filters, Dampers


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